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Wireless access in Japan

  08/21/09 13:27, by , Categories: Linux, Travel

Today I recieve a mail from Debian user who is about to come to Japan for business trip.
He plan to rent A2502 HSDPA wireless modem for connection.

> I saw your posting from 2008 about the A2502 and wonder if you know if
> that patch is now in the standard kernel (2.6.29-2-686, debian
> specifically:).
Yes, the patch is in the mainline kernel in Aug, 2008

> I am about to head to japan for 2 weeks of business
> travel and was looking at renting an A2502 but dont' want to if it won't
> work or if I need to get online to get patches.
I see it .

The 'Unlimited' data service need a preproetary stack software on the supported OS, Windows and Mac.
My patch support a lower layer, recognize as normal modem, but do not provide such a stack.
If you want to use 'unlimited data service', you are forced to use another OS rather than Debian Linux :-(

You may want to use Debian GNU/Linux with it, you may be charged 'EXPRESS PACKET PLAN' rate.

I recommend for you to use a wifi service such as FON, FON-livedoor, mobile point, and FREESPOT,
(cf. http://www.freespot.com/) in metropolitan area, on conbination with a data card.
Livedoor which is commercial wifi provider support FON user without charge in their service area.
A mobile-point wifi can be used by daily/2W/3M ID slip, 1000Yen/2W, sold in convenience stores, 'family mart'. http://tm.softbank.jp/wlan/famiport/index.html
It is provided on many public building and restaurant such as stations, subways and fast food shop.

From CHANGI Singapore International Airport

  09/02/05 23:22, by , Categories: Travel
ANA Lounge is poor I regreted my airplane selection to leave from singapore, because of such a poor ANA Lounge that I discouraged more than Mar-Lion, which is said world 3 worst discouragement. In CHANGI Airport, many traveler said the world finest lounge is Singapore Airline's one. But, ANA one is world's po-oooo-orest lounge in my past experiences. It shares rooms with China airlines. No shower, no amusement, no surprise at drink....etc. OK, if I have a chance to go to Singapore, I will select Singapore Airline to come back Japan.
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